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Stylized Footman Outfit

Stylized Footman Outfit – Unity Assets Free Download

Stylized RPG character outfit with options for customization for your RPG, MOBA, or MMO Additional compatibility information Development Render Pipeline: Built-In Custom Shaders: No To upgrade built-in Shaders: Tools->Material Converter to URP(Custom Converter) Or: Edit > Rendering > Materials > Convert Selected Built-in Materials to URP Note: When you upgrade your material to URP with…

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Bastion: Low Poly Orcs

Bastion: Low Poly Orcs – Unity Assets Free Download

A small pack of hand-modeled low-poly orcish warriors. Fully modular with Tailor: Low Poly Modular Character Customizer! Modular characters with endless customization possibilities: – Contains human-sized orcs and larger troll variants. – 12 default character prefabs. – 49 modular character pieces. – Contains 7 weapon models including swords, clubs, pikes, and axes! – Rigged for…

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