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Stylized Modular Ruins – Free Unity Assets

Stylized Modular Ruins Free Unity Assets

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Stylized Modular Ruins – Free Unity Assets (Latest version)

“Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer.”

Please note that this kit was made with the default pipeline, and may or may not convert easily to another. The only custom shaders in use are for my trees and foliage, for wind and gradient shading. All other pieces are using a standard material, and can convert easily to another.

Some Tree models and some Saplings haved been added from my Stylized Trees and Foliage Pack as a sample, but tweaked for these newer materials. The other bushes included are new prefabs. As that kit had a recent update for URP compatibility, i brought in the similar Shader Graph profiles, so that if you choose to use these for URP, than it can be possible.

This is a modular package consisting of brick by brick and plank by plank ruins models.

While many of these pieces are static models, there are single planks and bricks to place freely as well.

This package works great combined with my other Stylized Packs in the Series!

Tris are as follows:
– Larger structures can range upwards of 10k – 20k tris.
– Smaller prefabs and broken walls pieces range from a low of 500 – 5k tris.
– Single Bricks and Planks = 44tris at LOD 0.
– All bricks, planks, broken wall pieces and pre-made structures have 1 level of LOD included, 75% less tris than the original LOD 0s.

Here’s What’s Included:

– 36 Structural Broken Walls
– 5 pre-built modules samples
– 9 candle prefabs
– 27 rocks, stones and cliffs
– 8 misc garden pieces
– 24 ruined walls and debris piles
– 13 stairs and archways
– 23 foundations and ruins structures
– 14 trees and bushes
– 16 wooden beams and planks
– 13 wooden platforms and ramps

– There is a “Creator” Wall included as well. This is a Wall module prefab, with all individual bricks. This way you can re-arrange each brick to make your own custom prefabs, or add rigid body physics to them for more dynamic gameplay!

– 3 Demo Scenes are included:
1) Full Display scene (As seen in video).
2) Medium Sized demo, filled with detail.
3) Small Nighttime Scene.

Please note:
All pieces shown are created piece by piece. There are no single wall textures included. 1 material each, for the bricks, planks, rocks, and trees.
If you are making a very low poly game, using only flat walls and minor details, than this may not be for you.
But with the LODs included, you should have no problem using these pieces for many types of games, or qualities!

In the Demo scenes, screenshots, and video, slight post processing was used. To achieve similar results to the video, add in some Bloom, Ambient Occlusion, and a bit of Auto-Exposure.
(Since Post Processing is Built into Unity, I cannot include it in my packages, but it is available to download inside Unity’s package manager.)


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