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Racing Project Kit Openworld Multiplayer – Free Unity Assets

Racing Project Kit Openworld Multiplayer Free Unity Assets

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Racing Project Kit Openworld Multiplayer – Free Unity Assets (Latest version)

“Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer.”

RPK Openworld + MP is a complete racing game project. It features all the essentials to get online and single player races quickly. It also includes an open world game mode and mobile support.

Racing Project Kit Openworld + Multiplayer it’s a complete form of a racing project.

Openworld mode has a huge amount of features and in-depth car customization.

Free Play let’s you select a game mode, a car, and the number of laps and AI bots.

Online Multiplayer up to 8 players in the same race with car and color select.

Track Creator allows you create your own racetracks and play them in Free Play mode.

  • Openworld mode features:

Traffic Cars System: Each traffic car will follow randomly different routes that the player can create around the map.

Event Triggers: Enter any event by driving inside the event trigger and pressing enter or clicking the UI.

Tuning System Kit added to the Paint and Parts Shop. The place to customize your cars is here. Paint different zones of your car and swap a lot of different body parts. Adjust the paint type (metallic or glossy) and the pulse speed for neon lights. Randomize tuning option is also available.

Garage with 5 slots: Each car has its data of the installed parts and paint. You can also sell cars for a specified amount of money.

Car Lot: buy 4 different car models with it’s prices, with scripts that can be customized easily.

Full map navigation UI: Drag and zoom with the mouse and point icons to see event details or fast-travel to that location.

Fast Travel: Go directly to event locations on the map. Easily customizable from the Unity Inspector, set a transform as a spawnpoint.

No Loading Screens: Go from open world state to any event (racing, garage, shop) without loadings.

Cash System: Each race won by the player will give the defined money by the user.

Each time you quit and enter openworld mode again, it will load the last position and car used.

  • Free Play mode features:

3 game modes: Race Mode, Time Trial, and Split-screen.

Up to 13 AI cars by default, customizable to 99 maximum.

Easy customizable AI waypoint system.

Earn cash after each race and buy new cars.

Each car you buy is saved for the next time you open the game.

You can delete the saved data from Settings menu.

  • Multiplayer Online features:

Cross-platform supported (Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS).

Create rooms and see other players with it’s selected car.

Select up to 3 different tracks or free roam freely around the city.

Color selection for the player car.

Kick players from the game room.

Laps selector for the host of the race.

Up to 8 players in the same room/race.

Race starts once all players mark as Ready.

Race finish countdown when the 1st player ends the race with positions summary.

  • Track Creator features:

Create your own racetracks with different 3D objects.

Save up to 3 racetracks to load them later and edit or play them.

Play the track in singleplayer mode with AI bots or in split-screen.

Undo the last placed piece of road (straight/turn).

Decorate your track with various 3D models.

Drag the decoration objects around the track or delete them.

You can test the track before saving it.

The AI waypoint its created automatically.

The boundaries are created automatically so you can’t exit the track or cut the corners.

Works on mobile devices and includes a UI controls tutorial.

  • Overall Project:

Real-Time positioning system.

Sequentiality checkpoints system.

Complete project menus.

Full Racing UI: laps, race timer, position, minimap, username text and pause menu.

Setting menu for volume, graphics quality-resolution and saved data management.

Total mobile support: UI and performance optimized.

3 player camera views.

Countdown UI at the start of the race.

Pause menu with restart and return options.


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