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in Premium on January 11, 2024

Get the incredible [display_post_title] for almost free! Explore and test this amazing resource before making a purchase. Please note it’s for educational purposes only, not for commercial use.


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The MicroVerse – Roads system is a fully featured Road creation system for MicroVerse. It takes advantage of module for non-destructive terrain modification. Like the rest of MicroVerse, everything is edited in realtime with instant results and no need for a baking process. It can also be used for other systems, such as caves, rollercoasters, train tracks, and pipelines.


Join our support, and redeem your invoice for direct access to the Git depots for the latest versions.

With this system you can easily create complex road networks with intersections and decorations which conform to the road geometry, such as guard rails and sidewalks. These can easily be set on each road or changed along the road itself with spline based control points.

Objects can also be placed to be relative to the road, allowing you to change your road and have any hand placed decorations move with the changes. Combined with MicroVerse’s non destructive terrain editing, this allows you to edit anything easily in realtime without ever loosing work due to ‘baking’ data.

Also included are custom shaders for the roads and props which work in all render pipelines, and include integration with weather systems like Enviro and Weather Maker, allowing for wet surfaces, puddles, rain drops, and snow accumulation to form. The custom Road shader allows you to wear your surfaces from the passage of vehicles, cracking from weathering and time, as well as customize the looks and road markings of your pavement.

Unlike many other road systems, actual geometry is used for the roads instead of just an extruded plane, giving roads thickness and depth. This also makes it easy to create things like roller coasters, train tracks, or pipelines.

Included Content in the demo:

– Roads in 1 to 4 lane varieties

– A selection of intersections and lane entrances and exits for highways

– Multiple asphault textures, along with various wear and weathering effects

– Guard Rails, Road Barriers, Traffic Cones, Signs, and Lights, along with street lights and miscelanious other props.

– A set of content for rollercoasters, pipelines, and trains.

INSTALL NOTE: There is currently a bug in the Unity Package manager which often prevents the installation of this module. If you hit this, install the module before installing MicroVerse or join discord and register your invoice to get access to the GitHub repository directly, where it will install fine. This bug has been sitting in Unity QA’s queue for over 8 months without a response, and there’s nothing I can do about it.


Term of Use: All resources here are for personal learning only, not for commercial use! Assets and 3D models can only be used in games after purchasing a license from the respected owner. We offer download services only; no technical support provide

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