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COZY Stylized Weather 2 Free Download

COZY Stylized Weather 2 – Free Download

in Tools on October 3, 2023

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


COZY Stylized Weather 2 v2.0.9

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Step away from boring realism and embrace a beautifully hand-crafted stylized weather system. COZY: Weather focuses on creating a fully customizable experience that manages all of your weather needs.

COZY: Stylized Weather

Create stunning weather patterns for your game worlds! From time-of-day to annual seasons, from puffy clouds to raging storms, from sunny days to dense fog, COZY does it all with ease! Focus on your scene's colors and easily tweak all variables for ultimate customization!

NEW in 2.0

  • All New Editor and Inspector windows! Designed based on feedback from the community, the new inspector makes COZY easier and more intuitive to work with!
  • Manage multiple regional ecosystems with the new Biome System!
  • Native Deferred Support for URP 2022+
  • New Event System allows you to call Unity events at pivotal times all within the COZY system. Check out the new Event Module for easy access!
  • New Satellite Manager Module makes it easier to add, manage, and adjust your game's various moons, satellites, and orbital effects!
  • The FX Profile System simplifies the process of managing weather FX by unifying particles, filters, SFX, precipitation, lightning, wind, and VFX all under a single umbrella!
  • Chance Effector Presets make profiling easier than ever by setting the animation curves based on several built-in presets.
  • New Module Manager increases customizability by allowing for the creation of new custom modules that are automatically included in the COZY system. Check this out in the settings tab!
  • Added support for default Unity Fog as well as a new Height Fog with a set height point.
  • Added full, In-Editor Tooltips for easy modification and extension.
  • Added an option to run COZY Fully Localized without editing scriptable objects.
  • Added New Atmosphere Sliders that control fog height, global fog density, fog flare squish, ambient light multiplier, and more!
  • Use COZY with a Custom Camera! Setup in the new options tab!
  • See full release notes for all fixes and additions!

Colorfully stylized rendering tools:

  • Stunning stylized fog with distance-based color gradients
  • A full time-of-day system with colorful atmosphere changes
  • Stars, auroras, meteor showers, shooting stars, fireflies, wisps, and more ambient night FX.
  • Moon system with phases and changeable orbit speed with the ability to add additional satellites.
  • Procedural cloud shader with false lighting, smooth interpolation, and distance fading built with performance at the forefront.
  • Full calendar with changing seasons, annual temperature and precipitation changes, and variable length.
  • Give your players an idea of what to expect in the future with COZY's complete forecast system. Schedule weather events in advance that follow the temperature and precipitation of the year!
  • Stylized snow and rain accumulation supported on the Built-In renderer.
  • Full ambience manager that plays SFX and particle FX on a lighter secondary system to the main weather system.
  • A full audio manager that easily takes care of all of your audio needs.
  • The procedural particle-based lightning system creates beautifully stylized lightning strikes that are unique every time.
  • Huge demo scene setup to work out of the box with COZY.
  • Trigger system that disables weather FX while indoors.
  • Zone system that sets weather, time, ambience, season, and more!

Come prepared with out-of-the-box features:

  • Editor tools that allow you to set up a scene in seconds.
  • Easily create new profiles with your particles using our onboard tools.
  • 9 shaders.
  • 16 weather profiles.
  • 9 ambience profiles.
  • 44 prefab models to populate the demo scene.


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