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Compass Navigator Pro – Free Download

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Compass Navigator Pro v8.1

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"Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer."

Compass Navigator Pro is a powerful UI component (horizontal compass + minimap HUD) commonly used in adventure, RPG and world exploration games to show destinations and point of interests (POIs) as well as text indications.

This package includes:

• rich and customizable compass bar (14 designs),

• mini-map (12 styles + custom) + fog of war system,

• 11 unique, hand-drawn, high quality icons in 2 colors each (22 icons in total),

• 5 audio clips for the reveal effect.

Key Features:

Easy to use – drag & drop prefab and you’re set!

Event system to react to location discovering (check manual), icon appearing/disappearing on the compass or mini-map, mouse over/clicks on minimap icons, ...

- Easy to extend or understand. Uses Unity UI system.

Documented API. Demo scene and manual included.

Horizontal Bar and POI (Points of Interest) Key Features:

- Custom designed and customizable compass bar with 14 art styles (rounded, angled, celtic black and white, 4 fantasy, 6 sci-fi and custom) with adjustable vertical position, bending amount, width, alpha, edge fade and fade in/out effects.

- Compass UI bending option can render curved compass bar.

High resolution icons with customizable behaviour (smooth fade in/out and scaling, visited vs non-visited icons, black and white variations).

- Add your own icons or use the icons included in the asset: cave, city, dock, dungeon, forest, lighthouse, mine, monolith, palace, tower, generic.

- Supports cardinal and ordinal points plus half winds.

- Can focus on one POI, making its icon always visible in the compass bar.

- Option to automatically hide if no POIs are visible.

Integrated Menu Items to quickly create new POI game objects or attach a POI component to an existing game object.

Revealing Text & Effects:

- Show animated text under or on top of the compass bar when discovering new locations.

- Show optional title with location tips (above/below) and distance in meters for the centered POI in the bar.

- Can play audio clips when locations are discovered. 5 high-quality sound clips are included.

- Can use two icon variations per POI, to differentiate unexplored and explored locations.

Mini-Map Key Features:

- Optimal mini-map system, uses smart snapshots to capture map only when needed. Highest performance.

12 ready to use styles + custom: torn paper, solid box/circle, 6 fantasy, 3 sci-fi variations.

- Configure size, style, alpha, zoom range, camera snapshot mode and projection, zoom range, icons size, etc. Includes buttons for zooming in/out, maximize.

- Support of LUT textures for unlimited color customization.

- Ability to show the real world view or a custom user map/texture.

- Different mini-map styles.

- Full screen mode.

- Map icons with optional text overlay.

- Hide unexplored areas in the mini-map with the fog of war feature.

- Clear entire fog areas based on fog volumes or easily clear fog as player crosses the area.


Light Beacons! that briefly highlight the visible POI in front of your player view (check out the video demo below). Works great with bloom.

Heartbeat option: plays custom audio clip at variable interval rate based on distance.

- Can show in-scene gizmos during playmode, like active destination icon, which helps the player to get to the exact point.

Supports multiple scenes (eg. existing POIs can preserve their visited state between scene changes).


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