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Cartoon Vehicle Pack Volume 4 – Free Unity Assets

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Cartoon Vehicle Pack Volume 4 – Free Unity Assets (Latest version)

“Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer.”

The pack includes 5 casual cartoon car models. This pack is perfect for racing arcade games and other projects related to cars and speed. At the same time, the models can be used as high-quality props for your project.
The first feature of the pack is that the UV map of all models is “collapsed” to a point or to a line, which allows, conditionally, to fill the model with pure material of one color (if the map is “collapsed” to a line, you can fill it with a gradient), but it deprives the ability to add detail using texture. An exception is made for some parts of cars that require a certain texture or decal. For example, an inscription on a license plate. You should consider these features when choosing this pack for your project. These measures enable to achieve a significant increase in productivity and resource savings, but require some specific settings in case of color changes.
The second feature of the pack is that it includes other pack with paid shader for Unity. This shader will help you achieve a very bright and stylish visual appearance of your project. You can find out more about these shader by clicking on the link.

[TECHNICAL ANNOTATION]Prefabs: 15 (3 shader options for each car)
LODs: none
Colliders: none
Textures: One 2k map for all (pure color palette)
– Lambo: 9354 tris
– Racer M3: 11705 tris
– Detective Car: 11446 tris
– Pickup: 10016 tris
– Futuristic Car: 4016 tris
VFX Prefabs: yes (flashing)

The cars consist of several separate meshes: the body itself and independent wheel models. The car wheel pivots are set accurately for spinning and the body is modelled for the drive wheels not to touch the arch when turning. The body is a combined mesh itself and its doors, trunk, hood don’t open. There is no interior in any car.
N. B.! As a result of shader’s specification the models have an increased polygone number to make the shading beautiful and high-quality.
For flashing effects, VFX prefabs are created using a particle system, without any lights. Also keep in mind that the included paid shader does not respond to any light sources, except for one directional light.
The model of a Futuristic Car does not have the usual wheels, but only disks that can rotate back and forth, but without the possibility of turning. Please consider this feature of this car.

[TEXTURES AND MATERIALS]You can use included shader familiar to you, and those that come with this pack. However, take into account the peculiarity of the UV map and texture. The texture is presented in the form of a PSD file, in which various parts for painting models are distributed by groups and layers.
Only the diffuse and emission maps are used for that models. Resolution of diffuse texture map is 2k.
In the pack you will find 3 prefabs with different shaders for each car model.


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