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Translucent Image Fast UI Background Blur

Translucent Image – Fast UI Background Blur – Unity Assets Free Download

Translucent Image helps you build beautiful blurred background UI, like those found in iOS/macOS/Windows 10 Fluent design. Unlike many other background blurring solutions, Translucent Image employs an extremely efficient algorithm, so your user can enjoy higher framerates and longer battery life. Not only that, it can produce a deliciously smooth effect when you tune the…

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8 & 9 Ball Pool Complete Game Template

8 & 9 Ball Pool Complete Game Template – Unity Assets Free Download

Features: -Compatible with WebGL, Android, iOS and many more platforms -Tested to work from Unity 2018 to the latest version -All basic assets included for use including sound effects -No separate dependencies or plugins required, uses standard Unity -Useful comments in code -User setup instructions & documentation included -Very lean minimal package, can be used…

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Best Server-Sent Events

Best Server-Sent Events – Unity Assets Free Download

Key Highlights Real-time web communication made easy! Efficiently stream server updates in your Unity apps. Elevate connectivity & enhance user experiences. Introducing the pinnacle of real-time web communication: the Best Server-Sent Events (SSE), also known as EventSource, asset for Unity. This asset is a beacon for developers aiming for an efficient, seamless, and powerful real-time…

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Ultimate Screenshot Creator Free Download

Ultimate Screenshot Creator – Free Download

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes. Ultimate Screenshot Creator v1.10.1 Download in 30 Seconds “Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer.” Ultimate Screenshot Creator is the most complete and customizable screenshot creator available on the asset store. Easy to use, highly customizable,…

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