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Space Combat Kit – Unity Assets Free Download

Space Combat Kit

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Space Combat Kit – Unity Assets Free Download (Latest version)

“Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer.”

The Space Combat Kit is a powerful framework for building all kinds of space games, from arcade mobile games to space sims, with in-depth player customization and upgrades.

Additional compatibility information

This is primarily a code package and does not depend on any render pipeline for functionality. There is an energy shield shader created for the BIRP for which there is a URP/HDRP version available on request. There is also a hologram shader in the demos with no URP/HDRP version available, but it is not linked to the code and is not required for any functionality to work.

Looking for a powerful solution for getting your space game off the ground? The Space Combat Kit gives you a massive head start, taking care of the complex and difficult coding so that you can focus on creating what makes your game fun and unique.


Physics-based spaceship controller for creating everything from small, fast space fighters to lumbering capital ships. Extensive control configuration options that cover everything from your favorite space games.

Camera system comes with cockpit and third person perspectives (with easy workflow to add more camera views), cockpit look-around, camera shakes, death camera, and third person camera collision handling.

Weapons and loadout system provides a variety of weapons including projectile guns, laser weapons, homing missiles, and turrets, with a comprehensive loadout system that allows players to configure their ship loadout and save it. Also includes weapon groups and weapon group rebinding during gameplay.

Radar system built for performance and efficiency, including target boxes, lead target indicators, 2D/3D radar, target selection (Next, Nearest, Front), target hologram and more. Easily add your own target boxes and radar icons for different types of targets.

Health and damage system enables individual subsystem targeting and damage, and includes energy shields, slow ship detonation (for those big capital ship explosions!), and an easy workflow to make any object damageable and explodable.

Resource system for adding boost fuel consumption, ammunition and energy usage, heat production and other resource-driven gameplay mechanics. Make your ship explode when heat production is too high!

Spaceship AI system includes obstacle avoidance, patrolling (between custom waypoints), formation flying, and combat (including attacking and evading) for space fighters and capital ships.

Floating Origin System to handle large space scenes with no fuss.

Objectives system to set up objectives for the player to complete, display them on the UI, and set up waypoints to them.

Ship Enter/Exit System to easily enter and exit spaceships during gameplay, this feature is designed to work with any type of character controller.

Pooling system to efficiently handle many objects in the scene such as projectiles, explosions, and effects.

Rumble system to add camera shakes and gamepad rumbles.

Vehicle/Module system provides a strong foundation for adding functionality and modules to your ships that can be swapped out during loadout or gameplay.

Menu system with pause menu, game over menu, loadout menu, and controls menu.

Much much more! Loads of utility scripts and components to help you build out your space game.


Packed with features โ€“ build the foundation of your game in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take, giving you the opportunity to quickly test new creative ideas and make rapid progress toward release.

Easy to customize โ€“ enjoy a modular, event-driven design that gives you powerful customization from the inspector. All the code is designed to be easily extended with inheritance, and is neatly written and documented.

Actively Supported And Updated โ€“ benefit from years of constant development and updates, driven by a community of users just like you. No support request goes unanswered.


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