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in Premium on May 17, 2023

Get the incredible Simple Motocross Physics for almost free! Explore and test this amazing resource before making a purchase. Please note it’s for educational purposes only, not for commercial use.


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AAA Motocross Physics Asset built to work in new generation games. Develop High Fidelity Motocross Games at par with some of the Triple A titles. Based on the foundation of Unity Joint Physics, different kinds of motorbikes can be easily ridden while maintain high performance.

Pipelines Supported: Standard, HDRP, URP and SRP.

Platforms Supported: PC / Gamepad / Android and iOS.

Animation Rigging v1.0.0 is used for customizable IK to fit any style of riding. Procedurally / algorithmically generated IK.

This asset packs features such as :

🏍 Types of Vehicles : Dirt Bike (Two liveries), Trial Bike (or Supercross bike), Adventure Bike, Quad Bike, Dirt Scooter and Supermoto. Customizable color schemes and liveries. Clean geometry from 10k-25k tris. Pivots aligned in accordance with the controller script. Separated customizable parts.

🏍 Controller Features : Engine Settings – Torque, Gears, Acceleration Curve, Steer Angle, Lean Dynamics, Wheel Friction, Air-Time settings among many others. Versatile script with a huge range of customizability. A general purpose controller script which can be extended to other types of vehicles such as motorbikes.

🏍 Customize IK Style: Active Ragdoll like Impact Motion, Customizable IK Targets, Body Damping on slopes, Natural Balancing Motions. All of these settings are available in a script and can be changed at runtime. This script gives a organic motion to the animations. Only 3 Humanoid Animations have been used in the asset, the rest of the motion is controlled via IK.

🏍 Supports any Custom Character: Replace the default character with any custom character. Works best with Mixamo Rigs. Built on a Mixamo Styled Rig, the asset can easily replace the character with a mixamo rig in a matter of minutes using Editor Scripts.

🏍 Editor Scripts: The Editor Scripts included in the asset can replace the rider and setup up your custom character within minutes. Sets up joints, IK Targets, assigns gameobjects and links the together, copies essential components, fills up rig builder from the animation rigging package) automatically in a single click.

🏍 Easy Controls: Because the script uses Input Axes (legacy), the controls are very easily modifiable to suit mobile platforms – Android and iOS. The controls can be easily modified to suit Gamepad and Controllers. Movement is easy (WASD / Arrow Keys + Shift) yet natural looking. New Input system is not yet supported.

🏍 Simple C# Scripts: Optimized and efficient scripts. Little Coding is required to modify the scripts. The scripts are well organized and neatly arranged with intuitive functions. Added comments to make scripts easier to read and understand. Physics coding is extremely easy as the asset employs a rigidbody workflow. All rigidbody functions work well on the body of every bike.

🏍 Moto Textures and Liveries: UV unwrapped bikes that look great with abstract textures. Apply any stylized texture to the bike bodies.

🏍 FPS Perspective: Ride down hill, climb mountains and race using the FPS camera style will increase the realism of the simulation. Designed using real life GoPro footage, this POV can add a new dimension in your game.

🏍 Free of cost unlimited updates and support: We will be offering all new and free updates regarding new bike typesIK improvements, textures and liveries for cyclesAR/VR support, bug fixes and much more. Our support email is Please feel free to ask us your questions and we will be more than happy to attend to them.

What’s there in the pack:

+ 6 moto vehicle variations

+ 1 Prototyping Environment. [Environments shown in videos and display pictures are not included]

+ Controller, IK and animation scripts

+ 5 Distinct Riders, with various cloth textures

+ 3 Animations, all other animations are procedural

+ Editor Scripts to help setup a custom character

+ Mobile Controller

+ 15 Scenes

+ 8 page Documentation


Term of Use: All resources here are for personal learning only, not for commercial use! Assets and 3D models can only be used in games after purchasing a license from the respected owner. We offer download services only; no technical support provide

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