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RoomGen – Procedural Generator – Premium Asset

RoomGen - Procedural Generator Free Download

Get the incredible RoomGen – Procedural Generator for almost free! Explore and test this amazing resource before making a purchase. Please note it’s for educational purposes only, not for commercial use.


To get this premium asset for $5 with fast download link, please contact us.

Alternatively, you can scan the barcode to get in touch with us.

Quickly and easily generate levels with the push of a button. Using modular tile sets generate rooms and landscapes in seconds. Fully customizable, no code required, just drag and drop.

RoomGen is the easiest and fastest way to create fully decorated rooms or dense landscapes for your game. Configurable presets allow you to fine tune the details while also creating reusable templates so you can create endless variations from the same assets.

*NEW* Room Tile Weights

New weight system allows you to specify a weight for each tile in your level, giving finer control and a more organic feel to the room generation.

*NEW* Object Specific Spacing Buffers

Every decor object in your presets can now specify a spacing buffer to ensure no two items are placed too closely together. Very useful for lining objects up on walls, spacing treasure throughout rooms, and more!

Runtime Generation and API’s

New methods allow you to easily regenerate levels using your own scripts using only a few lines of code. Changes are reflected instantly! Update room size, offset, seeds, and more during runtime! Generate new levels every time your scene loads, regenerate props and loot with a button press, the possibilites are endless.

Roofs and Ceilings

Every level of your building can now specify special roof tiles. Ceiling decorations can also be placed along uneven surfaces. This is handy for organic structures like caves etc.

Roof decorations

Hang chandeliers, vines, flags, and more from the ceiling!

Corners and Pillars

Add pillars, fenceposts, and more to corners to further the design control.

A focus on ease of use

RoomGen was designed to be as simple to use as possible. Create a preset, drag and drop your tiles and hit generate. Your levels will build on the fly, and every change you make will be showcased within the editor.

Multi-Story Generation

Expand your room height and add multiple floors with one click! Set room presets PER-LEVEL and precisely build exactly what you want.

Dynamic controls let you specify how tall you want each level to be, add doors and windows to each level, and RoomGen will populate each floor for you automatically.

Drag floors into a different order and RoomGen will rebuild it for you. Adjust entire floor positions to give your building/dungeon some horizontal variance. Quickly design levels and tweak with a non-destructive process.

Floor Level Specific Items and Characters

Working on a boss level? Want to add treasure chests, but only in the deepest depths of your rooms? You can specify a preset for every level. Place a boss only on the top level, or create an entire level of treasure!

Endless Customizations –

Every aspect of the generation process is customizable. Set individual probabilities for each item, specify offsets to work with non-uniform tiles, add scale and rotation variation to items to create more natural looking layouts. Scale your rooms to any size, add tall walls with windows, add in enemies, loot, collectibles, and more!

Perfect for dungeons –

One of the hardest parts of level design is creating variation. With just a few presets, you can create endless variations down to the smallest details. Make a room of all doors, build courtyards, forests, boss rooms, whatever assets you add into the generator, it will put them together for you. Save your designs as prefabs, and place them together to build dungeons in no time at all.

Target Generators

Distribute props quickly within a circular radius, and align props to uneven surfaces like Unity Terrains. TargetGenerators are great for populating landscapes! Select your radius, density, and use the SAME presets used for the RoomGenerator component.

Populate dense landscapes –

RoomGen can build rooms, create dense forests, place NPCs, enemies, and more.

Easy prefab creation –

Once you’ve tweaked the settings to your liking, hit the save button and your room will automatically be saved as a prefab for later use. This means you can create an entire dungeon worth of rooms in a matter of minutes.

3rd Party Support –

RoomGen was designed for use with any modular tileset.

RoomGen works great with Synty Studios assets!


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