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Realistic Engine Sounds 2 – Plus – Free Download

Realistic Engine Sounds 2 - Plus - Free Download

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Realistic Engine Sounds 2 – Plus v1.11

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"Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer."

This asset's target audience are those who are working on a racing game that already has a working vehicle physics simulation in their game. It comes with pre-made compatibility made for the most used vehicle physics simulator assets available in the Unity Asset Store. The number of compatible vehicle physics controller assets will expand over time.

This is a must have asset for racing games, but it is ideal for other games too. From an open world game to a simple casual mobile game, it comes handy when a vehicle needs nicer engine sound!

Realistic Engine Sounds 2 - Plus Edition has an engine sound tester scene that has a basic car engine simulator, which is a good start for making a car engine soundboard app or for a 2D game!

Easy to use: drag and drop prefabs on your vehicle this only true for those car physics controller Unity assets that already has the pre-made compatibility. Realistic Engine Sounds 2 currently has pre-made compatibility for 9 vehicle physics simulator Unity assets.

14 complete engine sound packs - each has 40 wav files (20 for exterior and 20 for interior view). There are 560 wav files just only for engine sounds.

This asset can be imported into Unity 2019.4. too.

Sound controller script can do the following:

Optimise itself (it will pause or delete those audio sources that can't be heard because of their low volume or because of their distance from the audio listener). This depending on the prefab's optimisation setting and it can be disabled too. By default it is set to "Pause" mode.

Change the engine sound based on how the camera look at the vehicle. It will sound different if the camera is looking at the front or at the back of the car. This feature is the Dynamic Audio Mixer.

Add an "aggressiveness" SFX to engine sounds which is good for simulating an engine upgrade in a street racing game, or to mimic open exhaust systems, or a lost muffler, etc 😀

- Add valve SFX which will play valve sounds as frequently as much the vehicle's engine rpm is without changing the sound clip's pitch! Good for adding an aditional noise where the vehicle's enginebay is, also good for mimicing that when the vehicle's hood got opened (when player does an engine repair or something like that). For example: enable this SFX when the player opened the engine hood.

- Engine load "shake" will "shake" the engine load value for a short time right after the player hit the gas pedal. Used to mimic racecar, or truck engine behaviour.

- Wind noise SFX will add that little detail that you will not notice if it is there, but you will notice if it is not there. It feels like something is missing or unrealistic when wind noise is not enabled.

- Reverse gear SFX will be played when the vehicle is going in reverse gear. It plays a whining noise when the vehicle is going in reverse gear.

- Reverse gear's beeping warning sound will be played when the vehicle is going in reverse gear. By default this SFX is disabled, you can enable it for any engine sound prefab.

Realistic Engine Sounds 2 has three editions: Lite, Plus and Pro. You can browse all editions here.


- What are the differences between Lite, Plus and Pro Editions?

The difference is how much sound files they have, the engine sound controller script is the same in all editions.

- What are the differences between RES1 and RES2?

Sound controller script has been rewriten from zero, created a new custom editor to make it easier and faster to create new engine sound prefabs, many new features has been added to the sound controller, all wav files has been re-recorded or remastered + 398 new wav files has been added.

- Are RES1 prefabs compatible with RES2?

Yes, but they may need small tweaking.

- Will my custom compatibility script made for RES1 will work with RES2?

No, you need to do some changes to your custom script writen for RES1. In most cases you just need to add "SkrillStudio" namespace to your script.

- Do I need to re-add all Realistic Engine Sounds prefabs to my vehicles after upgrading from RES1 to RES2?

Yes, you need to delete the old RES1 prefabs form your vehicles and then add the new RES2 prefabs. This is needed because all RES2 prefabs have new audio clips and new values.


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