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Modular 3D Text – In-Game 3D UI System – Free Download

Modular-3D-Text-In-Game-3D-UI-System free download

Get the Modular 3D Text – In-Game 3D UI System for FREE! Please note that this asset is intended for educational and testing purposes only. It is not permitted for commercial use.


Modular 3D Text – In-Game 3D UI System v2.0.0

“Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer.”

Introducing Modular 3D Text – the ultimate solution to build a unique and eye-catching experience for your users.

Looking to supercharge your workflow and create visually stunning games with ease? Look no further than our powerful asset, designed to streamline your creative process and maximize productivity. Our user-friendly custom inspectors will help you stay organized and focused on what matters most – creating amazing games that captivate and engage your audience. Thousands of satisfied customers have already experienced the benefits of our Modular 3D Text asset, which has been serving users since January 2020 with regular updates to ensure top-notch performance and functionality.


Among the many features of this 3D UI engine, some are:

βœ… Real-time Typing

Whether you’re in edit mode or play mode, you can effortlessly generate meshes as separate objects or as a single mesh by typing in the inspector or by code.

βœ… Powerful & flexible 3D UI elements

A complete suite of 3D UI elements similar to Unity’s native 2D UI, but a lot more flexible.

Enjoy less learning curve & more productivity.

βœ… 3D Layout Systems

Easily organize 3D objects in the scene with an easily extendable and efficient layout system.

βœ… Sample Scenes

Includes 16 simple sample scenes to get acquainted with different features of the asset, an interactive tutorial for modules, and example use cases to get inspired.

βœ… Modules

Drag & Drop Modules make it easy to do more with your texts.

Modules are Scriptable objects primarily used to animate, Add/remove components, etc.

Their very simple structure means even beginner coders can create their modules without a hassle.

βœ… Fonts

Includes 85 pre-built 3D fonts.

You can also create 3D fonts from TTF files within Unity. Built to be easy to use for anybody. Just Click the “Create Font” Button, and select your font, within a few seconds your 3D font will be ready to be saved & used.

You can also create 3D fonts runtime (new!).

βœ… Input System

Regardless of which input system you use, the asset will support both. Because the entire asset was created with modularity in mind, you can easily add/remove what you need.

Don’t need touch/mouse support? Remove it. Don’t need button support? Remove it.

Don’t like how the inputs are handled in the asset? You can even create your own implementation of the input system with the help of easy-to-use documentation.

βœ… Easily set up Assembly Definition Files with a click of a button.

βœ… Since the asset creates just a mesh of the text, you are free to use your imagination and use the perfect material for your scene for any rendering pipeline you want.

⚠ Known Limitations βš 

The asset doesn’t work with some languages/fonts like Arabic, and Bangla that has connected characters.


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