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Mobile Garage Vol. 2 – Premium Asset

In the world of game development, optimizing assets for mobile devices is crucial to ensure smooth gameplay and optimal performance. One such asset, “Mobile Garage Vol. 2,” provides a comprehensive solution for developers seeking an optimized and versatile garage area for their mobile games. This blog post will delve into the features and benefits of this asset, highlighting its ease of use, low draw calls, and exceptional triangle count optimization.


Optimized for Mobile Devices:
The “Mobile Garage Vol. 2” asset has been meticulously optimized for mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless gaming experience without sacrificing visual quality. With low draw calls and a well-maintained triangle count, developers can create captivating garage scenes while keeping performance in check. On average, the asset maintains a triangle count ranging between 35,000 to 40,000, allowing for smooth rendering on mobile devices.

Wide Variety of Props:
This asset offers an impressive collection of 37 unique props prefabs, including wrecked cars, tires, lights, and more. These prefabs can be easily incorporated into your game, allowing for greater customization and enhancing the overall visual appeal of your garage scene. Whether you need to create a realistic repair shop or a bustling automotive workshop, the “Mobile Garage Vol. 2” asset provides the necessary components to bring your vision to life.

Comprehensive Package Contents:
The package includes a complete garage scene, baked lighting, a tone skybox, particles, and background buildings. This comprehensive selection of assets enables developers to quickly set up a fully immersive garage environment. Additionally, the materials used in the scene are easy to customize, with only five materials utilized throughout. The floor and car floor textures are set at 1024×1024 resolution, while others boast a higher 4K resolution, ensuring crisp and detailed visuals.

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Optimized Mesh Structure:
To further optimize performance, the garage models in this asset are designed as a single mesh but divided into multiple parts. This clever division reduces draw calls, resulting in improved efficiency and smoother gameplay. By minimizing the number of draw calls, developers can maintain optimal performance while still achieving a visually appealing garage environment.

The “Mobile Garage Vol. 2” Unity asset offers game developers a highly optimized and versatile solution for creating captivating garage scenes on mobile platforms. With its low draw calls, optimized triangle count, extensive prop collection, and easy-to-customize materials, this asset provides the necessary tools to craft immersive and visually stunning garage environments. Whether you’re developing a racing game, a simulation, or any other mobile game that requires a garage setting, “Mobile Garage Vol. 2” is an asset worth considering. It enables you to deliver a top-notch gaming experience without compromising performance on mobile devices.


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