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Hypercasual Action Props Pack Volume 3 – Free Download

Hypercasual Action Props Pack Volume 3 Free Download

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Hypercasual Action Props Pack Volume 3 v1.0 (Latest version)

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"Please consider purchasing the asset to support the developer."

The pack includes 53 hyper casual action models. You can use that in game development as active elements, or you can use that as icons. This pack is perfect for hyper casual games. At the same time, the models can be used as high-quality props for your project.
The first feature of the pack is that the UV map of all models is “collapsed” to a point or to a line, which allows, conditionally, to fill the model with pure material of one color (if the map is “collapsed” to a line, you can fill it with a gradient), but it deprives the ability to add detail using texture. An exception is made for some wooden parts of models. You should consider these features when choosing this pack for your project. These measures enable to achieve a significant increase in productivity and resource savings, but require some specific settings in case of color changes.
The second feature of the pack is that it includes other pack with paid shader for Unity. This shader will help you achieve a very bright and stylish visual appearance of your project.

Prefabs: 53
VFX Prefab: 1
LODs: none
Colliders: none
Textures: One 128*128 map for all (pure color palette)

- Asteroid (694 tris) - three color options: brown, green, pink
- Banana (552 tris)
- Baton (1590 tris)
- Boomerang (1192 tris)
- Poison Bottle (1000 tris)
- C4 With Timer (2024 tris)
- Emergency Button Case (692 tris) - can be opened
- Gas Burner (2348 tris)
- Golf Club (244 tris)
- Grenade 03 (1080 tris)
- Grenade 04 (600 tris)
- Hockey Stick (728 tris)
- Knife 04 (798 tris)
- Knife 05 (1202 tris)
- Large First Aid Kit (1068 tris)
- Magnet (140 tris)
- Nuclear Barrel (1332 tris)
- Nut Wrench (728 tris)
- Pirate Musket (1556 tris)
- Pistol 05 (1112 tris)
- Pistol 06 (1366 tris)
- Pistol 07 (1638 tris)
- Pistol 08 (1366 tris)
- Pistol 09 (1638 tris)
- Pistol 10 (2330 tris)
- Pistol 11 (2338 tris)
- Pistol 12 (1366 tris)
- Pistol 13 (1638 tris)
- Pistol 14 (2330 tris)
- Pistol 15 (2338 tris)
- Poison Bomb (1560 tris)
- Poison Box (180 tris)
- Reload Icon (320 tris) - three color options: green, red, white
- Revolving Grenade Gun (4066 tris) - drum with cartridges is one separate mesh; two color options
- Rifle 05 (2655 tris) - three color options
- Rosette (618 tris)
- Shuriken 03 (444 tris)
- Shuriken 04 (324 tris)
- Shuriken 05 (348 tris)
- Slingshot (804 tris) - rubber band was skinned and can be controlled by a special node
- Sound Hammer (1332 tris)
- Wooden Stick (564 tris)
- Sword 03 (900 tris)
- Sword 04 (970 tris)
- Walkie Talkie (1020 tris)
- Water Cooler (1104 tris)

N. B.! As a result of shader’s specification the models have an increased polygone number to make the shading beautiful and high-quality.

You can use included shader familiar to you, and those that come with this pack. However, take into account the peculiarity of the UV map and texture. The texture is presented in the form of a PSD file, in which various parts for painting models are distributed by groups and layers.
Only the diffuse map is used for that models. Resolution of diffuse texture map is 128*128.
In the pack, you will find two prefab options for each model, which differ in the shader used


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