Easy Minimap System MT - GPS, Minimap, Worldmap, Fog of War & More

Easy Minimap System MT – Free Download

in Tools on May 8, 2023

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Easy Minimap System MT – GPS, Minimap, Worldmap, Fog of War & More v2.4.2 (Latest version)

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Easy Minimap System is a tool that allows you to create a complete Minimap (Radar) for your 3D game. This includes GPS Navigation, Fog of War, Compass, Fullscreen Worldmap and more!

The tool's workflow is simple, complete and powerful. Easy Minimap System allows you to create a Minimap with Fog of War, GPS Navigation, Animated Icons, Texts, Sprites and more. You have everything you need!

Optimization is also a focus of this tool, EMS can scan your scene and save it to a PNG image to show on the Minimap in a lightweight way, if you prefer. There is also a full C# API so you can control every aspect of your Minimap in Runtime.

Some Features of This Tool

● It works very optimized (even on mobile devices).

● It has a Compass system that can show Minimap Icons.

● Display any GameObject you want, inside the Minimap.

● Set the Sprite you want, to show a GameObject from your scene on the Minimap.

● Minimap Icons are rendered on the Minimap, using the standard Units scale.

● Minimap Icons can run animations to highlight them in Minimap.

● Minimap Icons automatically follow the rotation and movement of your GameObjects.

● Minimap Icons that are far away can be displayed prominently at the border of the Minimap.

● The Minimap can be displayed in Circular, Square and Rectangular formats.

● Minimap Icons that are on the border of the Minimap can rotate in any shape.

● Fully customizable and resizable Minimap.

● Support for creating Worldmaps in Fullscreen.

● Receive and handle player-made inputs and touchs easily on your Worldmap.

● Render Icons, Sprites, Texts, Lines, Routes and more on your Minimap.

● Scan your scene to display a Sprite of your scene, rather than rendering your scene again on Minimap.

● You can edit the PNGs generated by scanning your scene.

● Scanning can be done in Editor or Runtime. You can adjust the height to scan caves for example.

● If you don't want to scan, you can display your scene in Realtime 3D on the Minimap.

● You can customize, enable or disable the North icon as well.

● Great and complete documentation.

● It has an intelligent and easy-to-configure GPS navigation system.

● GPS Navigation will always display the shortest path between any points you want in the scene.

● Fog of War system with Load/Save current state support.

● You can check if specific areas were discovered under the Fog of War.

● A Minimap Icon is automatically Enabled/Disabled if its owner GameObject is Enabled/Disabled.

● It has a complete and well-documented C# API to fully control Minimap in Runtime.

● And more…

β˜† I will always be working to provide support and updates for all my tools!


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