Complete Third Person Controller RPG System for Mobile and PC Platforms

A Complete Third Person Controller Package for creating any kind of RPG, MMORPG and TPS games with Mobile and PC – Console Inputs. Camera, Weapons, Catapult, Dialogues, Enemy AI, NPC, Doors, Potions.


The most advanced Mobile and PC Third Person Controller Package. You can create your RPG Role Playing, MMORPG and any kind of Third Person Shooter and Controller game with this package easily.

In addition, It has got all you would need and it supports both Mobile Inputs with Joystick and Touchpad and also PC Inputs with Mouse and Keyboard.

All components are ready to use and you can copy prefabs from Demo Scene and paste in your Game Scene. Let’s check what we have:

  • Ready to use Third Person Controller: Complete TPS Character with all functions of Walk, Run, Jump, Swim, Idle, etc…
  • Advanced TPS Camera: TPS Camera with Rotating, Zooming, Colliding with terrain features.
  • NPC System: They can wait in Idle or Walk around where you want, they can talk with you with Embedded Dialogue System.
  • Dialogue System: You can have single or multiple dialogues with NPC characters or Targets.
  • Weapon System: There are 3 types of Weapon in the package. Axe, Sword and Shield. You can grab or drop them easily and kill the enemies by hitting.
  • Ready to use Catapults with Collapsibles: You can use the catapult and shoot with it. You can demolish the collabsible buildings and kill enemies.
  • Enemy AI Swordman: Ready to use Enemy AI Swordman system with Walk, Run, Hit, Realize, Kill, Die, Patrol animations.
  • Enemy AI Archer: Ready to use Enemy AI Archer system with (Walk, Run, Throw arrow, Realize, Kill, Die animations.
  • Door System with Keys: There are three types of doors in the game. Metal Doors, Wooden Doors and Mixed Doors. You can set the doors as openable or locked. You can’t open the locked doors. You can find the keys and unlock them.
  • Potion System: There are 4 ready to use Potion types. Health Healer, Shield Potion, Invisibility Potion and Extra Speed Potion.
  • Objective Manager: You can create objectives in the game easily. There are 4 ready to use Objective types:
    • Time: To do something for a certain of period. (Example: Don’t die for 30 Seconds, Swim for 60 Seconds, etc…)
    • Count: To do something a certain number of times. (Example: Collect 30 Flowers, Kill 10 Enemy Soldiers, etc…)
    • Go: To go somewhere. (Example: Go to Chief, Find the Mystical Portal, etc…)
    • Speak: To speak with target. (Example: Go to Seller and talk with him, etc…)


Term of Use: All resources here are for personal learning only, not for commercial use! Assets and 3D models can only be used in games after purchasing a license from the respected owner. We offer download services only; no technical support provide

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