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Compass Navigator Pro 2

The ultimate UI navigation system including compass bar, mini-map with fog of war, radar mode, screen indicators, beacon effect, full-screen scrollable map and more.


Compass Navigator Pro 2 is a complete and powerful UI system commonly used in adventure, RPG and world exploration games to show destinations and points or areas of interest (POIs) as well as text indications.


– Compass Bar.

– Mini-map with fog of war and full-screen mode.

– Radar system with accurate ring distance.

– Target and off-screen indicators with anti-overlap system.

– Beacon/heartbeat effects.

Key Features:

Easy to use: drag & drop Compass Navigator prefab to your scene and you’re ready to go. Enable and customize features from a centralized inspector. Add POIs (points of interest) to any location or gameobject adding the Compass Pro POI component. You can customize specific options for each POI.

Complete with powerful options: every component comes with many extra options to give your UI a professional look, from curved compass bar to cone of view and LUT/color grading controls in your mini-map and much more.

Interactive: the system comes with many game-ready features such as interactive mini-map (allows user to click or hover on POIs, enter full-screen map mode, zoom/pan around).

Event system to react to location discovering (check manual), icon appearing/disappearing on the compass or mini-map, mouse over/clicks on minimap icons, …

** Compass Bar **

Includes 14 ready to use designs: rounded, angled, celtic black and white, 4 fantasy, 6 sci-fi or just assign your own art to the inspector. Plus:

– 4 world-mapping modes: frustum, screen, 180 and 360 degree view.

– Customizable appearance: add your own art, ajustable position & size, supports bending (curved bars), edge fade out effect, alpha, automatic fade in/out.

– Supports cardinal and ordinal points plus procedural degree marks (ticks).

High resolution icons with customizable behaviour (smooth fade in/out and scaling, visited vs non-visited icons, black and white variations).

– Can focus on one POI, making its icon always visible in the compass bar.

– Optional distance text under the POIs.

– Option to automatically hide the compass bar if no POIs are visible.

– Add your own icons or use the free high quality icons included in the asset: cave, city, dock, dungeon, forest, lighthouse, mine, monolith, palace, tower, generic.

** Revealing Text & Effects **

– Show optional title with location tips (above/below) and distance in meters for the centered POI in the bar.

– Show animated text under or on top of the compass bar when discovering new locations.

– Can play audio clips when locations are discovered. 5 high-quality sound clips are included.

– Can use two icon variations per POI, to differentiate unexplored and explored locations.

** Mini-Map **

Efficient mini-map system, uses smart snapshots to capture map only when needed. Highest performance.

– Includes 12 ready to use styles + custom: torn paper, solid box/circle, 6 fantasy, 3 sci-fi variations.

– Configure size, style, alpha, zoom range, camera snapshot mode and projection, zoom range, icons size, etc. Includes buttons for zooming in/out, maximize.

– Support of LUT textures for unlimited color customization.

– Ability to show the real world view or a custom user map/texture.

– Can zoom/pan the contents.

Full screen mode.

– Map icons with optional text overlay and cardinals.

– Can click on mini-map. Example included to add/remove POIs by user.

– Optional cone of view draws the fov of the player in the mini-map.

– Optional animated circle effect when POIs appear on the mini-map.

– Optional circle around POIs in the mini-map to illustrate area of influence or radius of search area.

** Fog of War **

Occludes the non-explored areas in the mini-map. Option to automatically clear the fog as the player moves.

– Clear entire fog areas as player enters them based on fog volumes added to the scene.

** Radar **

Option to toggle the mini-map into radar mode which draws a procedural radar with accurate ring positions based on desired distance.

– Customize rings width, color, opacity and scale distance in meters.

– Optional scan animation effect with sample presets.

** Screen Indicators **

– Displays on overlay icon with optional title & distance over visible or in-range POIs.

– Option to display off-screen indicators. Anti-overlap system that stacks indicators on the edges to avoid cluttering.


Light Beacons! that briefly highlight a POI in front of your player by rendering a vertical beam from the POI to the sky.

Heartbeat option: plays custom audio clip at variable interval rate based on distance.

Supports multiple scenes (eg. existing POIs can preserve their visited state between scene changes).


– Compatible with Built-in, URP and HDRP pipelines.

– Easy to extend or understand. Uses Unity UI system.

– Uses Text Mesh Pro.

Documented API. Demo scene and manual included.


Term of Use: All resources here are for personal learning only, not for commercial use! Assets and 3D models can only be used in games after purchasing a license from the respected owner. We offer download services only; no technical support provide

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    June 4, 2024

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    June 4, 2024

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    Unity 2021.3.16 | +

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