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in Templates on November 24, 2022

Note: This free download is intended for educational use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.


Advanced Locomotion Controller v1.1.0

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What is the Advanced Locomotion Controller + Climbing System?

The Advanced Locomotion Controller is a tool built with Unity to allow you to fast-track the progress of your Third Person Game. The features included in the Advanced Locomotion Controller allow for an immersive gameplay feel. The Third Person Parkour and Action Genre are fulfilled with this asset and its immersive gameplay style.

The Advanced Locomotion Controller + Climbing System includes Advanced IK Foot Placement, Advanced Locomotion, Dynamic Vaulting, Dynamic Sliding, Dynamic Covering, Dynamic Footsteps, and much more capabilities. Furthermore, it includes a state-of-the-art climbing system packed with many features to make a realistic AAA game quickly and efficiently.

All features are customizable through the custom inspectors and editors and can be easily changed through the help of the FasTPS Advanced Locomotion Controller + Climbing System Documentation.

✔️ Climbing System

  • Linear and Jumping Movement
  • 8 Directional Movement
  • Dismount and Drop-Ledge Features
  • Mounting and Fall-Off Features
  • Free Hanging
  • Turn Around (Hanging)
  • Jump Back and Forward
  • Turn Corners (Inwards and Outwards)

✔️ New Input System Controller/Keyboard Compatability 🎮💻

  • Xbox, Playstation, and Keyboard Input.
  • New Input System
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Persistent Rebinding System

✔️ Advanced Locomotion Controller ‍💨

  • 8 Directional Movement
  • Stand, Crouch, Jump States
  • Blend Tree || No Root Motion
  • Custom Editors and Inspectors For Easier Development
  • Realistic Rotation
  • Analog Movement || Strafe Running
  • Realistic Sliding
  • Landing Roll

✔️ Dynamic Footsteps🎵

  • 5 Different Ground Layers
  • Driven By Tags
  • Aligned With Footsteps through Animation Events

✔️ Dynamic Vaulting System 

  • Dynamic Foot Curves on Wall
  • 8 Vault Animations Randomly Played
  • Dynamic Vault Heights
  • Dynamic Wall Run Heights

✔️ Dynamic Auto-Step System

  • Running and Walking Auto-Step
  • Dynamic Heights
  • Modular Step Speeds

✔️ Humanoid Rig Characters 🧍

  • Change Characters with Custom Editor in Seconds
  • Modular Character Creation Features

Character Creator Editor Window: Tools > FasTPS > Character Creator

✔️ Advanced Foot IK Placement 🦶

  • Foot IK Curves and Realistic Rotation
  • Dynamic Body Positioning
  • Foot and Body Modular Lerp Speeds

✔️ Covering System

  • Dynamic Covering
  • Two Heights (Crouching || Standing)
  • Toggle Out of Covering
  • Walk Out of Covering

✔️Cinemachine Camera 🎥

  • Advanced Camera Collisions
  • New Input System Controller

Note: Robot Is Not Included In Package || Another Model Is Included (FasTPS Bot)


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